Green Clean Earth, Recycle Antiques & Estate Pieces

Most of us are concerned about our Earth, Nature, and the future of this planet. We sincerely want clean air and water. Concerned about Global Warming? Well, What could possibly be greener furniture than antiques? No factories producing them, no smoke, no environmental hazards. There is no pollution when recycling the finest and greenest made
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Estate Sales in Metro & Atlanta Georgia, The Process

At Aardvark Antiques & Estate Liquidations we are often asked about the Atlanta Estate Sale process. This article shows what an experienced Georgia Estate Sale company can accomplish for a family in a seemingly impossible situation.  This high end estate sale is done but check out the before and after pics. This was quite a
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Estate Auction Live Now with Everything But the House!

ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT! ESTATE AUCTION ONLINE & LIVE RIGHT NOW! OVER 150 ITEMS STARTING AT $1 WITH NO RESERVE! We having an auction in partnership with Everything But The House! Go there to bid!https://www.ebth.com/sales/10204-atlanta-ga-antiques-art-furniture/categories?page=1 We are excited about EBTH helping us sell some great pieces. We buy entire estates and quite often overbuy so
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Bring the Family Together with our 10 Ft Long Dining Tables

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bring your family together this holiday season. Your Thanksgiving Dinner will look better than ever on one of our Spectacular Long Dining Tables. Your family will love that you cared to make this time together the best ever.  We have the best big long dining tables at the best prices anywhere! Floor Sample Maitland-Smith
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Estate Sale This Weekend! High End Buckhead Condo Full!

Broken Heart Estate Sal e!  Another Premium Estate Sale!   Go Here for More pics! For our antique store we constantly buy entire estates to stock our showrooms. In this case a prime Buckhead condo was set up with almost $100,000 in prime new merchandise as a love nest for him and his fiancee. The owner
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We Sell Big Ass Tables, Finest Conference and Dining Tables

Yes we are from Georgia and: Yes we sell BIG ASS TABLES. Easy now, you don’t have to have a large derriere to sit at them. It is just an expression of great size we use. We ship to sets, homes, and businesses all over the country the finest dining & conference tables, 8 ft
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Look At The New Arrivals! Art and Antiques

Great New Stuff Just In!   At Aardvark Antiques we bring in fresh merchandise every day and our staff works all day, every day, listing items that have just arrived. Please take a look and shop online 24 hours a day at Our Site See why we are becoming America’s Favorite Antique Store! Antique E.
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Look at the Goodies! Great Antiques Great Prices

Look at the Goodies!   I just love these pieces! Wish I could keep them all but we sell quickly. Thanks for helping to make us a nationwide success! No one can touch our quality or prices. Please take a look and shop online 24 hours a day at Our Site  Mahogany Vanity, Bench, Mirror,
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Fantastic Flipping French! Fine French Decor

Great New Heirlooms for you we offer these Flip Top French Tables!   I think you will truly love these pieces. I do. We have many more new items as we post fresh merchandise all day long. As you can tell, we keep them affordable. Fortunately we have the good problem of selling them quickly.
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Bet You Don’t Have Any of These Decorative Arts

Great Day to You! We get so many unique items in our business. We are packed full of great stuff and we put up fresh merch every day. I bet you don’t have any of the items below. You can though.  We have affordable fine art and decorative arts. See you soon! For 1rst shot
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Top Questions To Ask When Looking for Appraisal Services

There are many reasons to select an appraiser for your goods. Moving? Considering an estate sale? Dealing with a life transition such as a loss of family member or divorce? For whatever your reason, selecting appraisal services for your most cherished valuables is a wise decision, and care and concern should dedicated to making sure
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Capture an Historical Look For Your Film Set with Antique Furniture

When most people think of the glitz and glamour of the film industry, they picture themselves in Hollywood. But there is a new city muscling in on those daydreams, and that’s Atlanta. With nearly 150 feature films shot in the area since 2000 and many more scheduled to come in later years, Atlanta has become
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Interior Design with a Modern Feel

Even though there’s a general stigma around antiques and their use, they can give your home a special touch that most modern-made furniture can’t achieve. Antique furniture can add an element of elegance to a room, giving the area a unique edge. When we are renovating our home, antiques usually aren’t on the top of
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Size Does Matter!

Size Matters! MAKE A STATEMENT! Sometimes you have a big hole to fill. No problem. For the price of a nice console table and a painting you can place something spectacular in your foyer, great room, kitchen, dining room, etc. and make a lifetime investment that will pay dividends daily. At Aardvark Antiques we have
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